Meet the Robinsons - Review

Meet the Robinsons
Ages: Everyone 10+

Ever wanted to run loose in a modern mansion with all sorts of weird wonderfulness such as an octopus with a room of his own, full size trains running though, a lab full of gadgets to explore and to top it all a time machine? If so this is your game.

The game opens with Wilbur inside an Egyptian tomb trying to escape the falling blocks and pouring sand that he has triggered by his exploration. Button commands are flashed upon the screen to help with your escape and he makes his getaway in the time machine.

Back at the mansion, Wilbur finds out how create gadgets using the Disassembler and the Transmogrifier, which involves zapping things and dumping their elemental components metal, organic and synthetic -- into Transmogrifier to make gadgets you want. There are gadgets to acquire, a Scanner, important in finding which objects are interactable, a Levitation Ray and gloves that burrow and shoot electrical charges. After you get the gadgets and attend the Science Fair you're ready to do battle with the nefarious Bowler Hat Guy, who looks like the villain in the silent films, but in a stylistic " 007" update, he has deadly bowler hat named Doris. The nasty minions include flame, sniper and army ants plus robots in the sub basement and a lava titan. The characters are amusing, the robot Carl is the mains source of information and his friendly companion, but it's all Wilbur's game.

You will find it easier to play if you assign gadgets to the three free buttons on your controller aside from X, so that swapping them with the R2 is quick. Many actions require pressing the shoulder buttons along with another pad button. The on-screen instructions occur at the time the action is first necessary. It would have taken just a little more work to include them in the instruction book also. There are three saves and they can be done at any time. There is a Robinson Aid Station, found on all levels, that will replenish health. Mini games involve racing in your anti-gravity blue Protectosphere, digging and avoiding boulders with the Havoc Glove and playing and winning on the courts with your Chargeball Glove. Disney did a good job of balancing fantasy science, search and assemble and fight episodes. And best of all there is no jumping, and no double jumps -- they are automatic. Yea! Someone up there is listening to me.

Fun Factor: Yes you don't even have too see the movie.
Female Factor: Mothers and aunts don't count. Couldn't they have at least made a twin so we could play as a girl?
Player Friendly: Lots of credit for making jumping automatic.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/07

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