Meet the Robinsons - Review

Meet the Robinsons
Ages: Everyone 10+

Basically, it is the same game as that on the PS2, with the exception of the controllers. On the nunchuck, the control stick moves Wilber and the Z button toggles the target lock which enables you to lock on enemies, and to dodge. On the Wii remote, the control pad (left, right and up) switches gadgets while down controls the grab function. Movement of the remote (up. down, left and right) moves the camera and aims the gadgets. one hand for Wilbur and one hand for gadgets.

The difference in motions to control Wilber with the control stick on the nunchuck and the grosser motion on the Wii remote to move the camera and aim gadget that I find awkward. I find that moving Wilbur on the PS2's left analog stick and rotating the camera with the right one more initiative. The Wii controls for this game are a little like tapping your head and rubbing your belly in a circular motion. If your controller hand should relax, the camera view will change dramatically - in fact it is much harder on the Wii to keep the viewpoint consistent.

However if you are playing only on the Wii, I am sure that these motions will be come second nature -- different when you are reviewing games and jumping from one to the other. I think Wii control programming is in its infancy and we can expect more in the future.

Fun Factor: Yes you don't even have too see the movie.
Female Factor: Mothers and aunts don't count. Couldn't they have at least made a twin so we could play as a girl?
Player Friendly: Lots of credit for making jumping automatic.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/07

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