Meteos: Disney Magic - Review

Meteos: Disney Magic

This is a Disney version of the drop block game where, as the blocks drop from above, you move them left or right to make matches of like blocks. Matching three or more will launch the blocks upwards and score. Bejeweled uses jewels, Disney uses heads and symbols of many of their popular brands. The clever part of the game is that if the three block match is at the bottom of the pile, you need more energy to lift them and you get that by matching more blocks. You hold the DS vertically, the touch screen is where the blocks fall. In the story mode the other screen shows a Disney scene. You get the characters out of their predicaments by getting a high score. You can play challenge mode, story mode, play against the CP or multi-player mode by downloading a game to your friend.

Now, I will give you my secret for getting high scores. It's a form of button mashing. I just move my stylus or finger over the densest area of blocks as fast as I can a little like scribbling. Try it and watch your scores go up. Don't pass it on.

Fun Factor: Standard game with a Disney hook.
Player Friendly: Easy enough to play without the special abilities.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/07

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