MicroMachines V4  - Review

MicroMachines V4
Ages: Everyone

A new generation of players comes along that can have the pleasure of experiencing some of the old games for the first time. There is a publishing renewal of the golden oldies. Perhaps 1998 isn't that long ago -- but if you hadn't played MicroMachines before, here is a treat for you.

How may ways can you make a new racing game? What are the options? -- celebrity people, maybe girls, more cars or new tracks. MicroMachines made a creative leap by using mini cars -- smaller than the ubiquitous Matchbox and had them race around the house -- the kitchen, bathroom, roof, game room -- you get the idea. They paid close attention to the environments, included some humorous surprises and gave you hundreds (it felt like that) of cars to choose from and win. Version 4 improves on this by upping the car count - 25 different vehicle types, in all 750 cars to collect.

There are also the requisite weapons -- just for amusement you might want to try the giant hammer -- but you can be just as effective by running your opponents off the track. The game has been released on the PS2, PC (this review), PSP and the DS. Sorry, no GBA. For multiplayer games, the PC is not the best choice. If playing with your buddies is important -- pick up the PS2. A development that has recently come to the fore is the dropping earlier versions of Windows and requiring only XP. This game will still play on Windows 2000.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/06

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