Monkey Madness Island Escape  - Review

Monkey Madness Island Escape
Rating: E - Everyone

Dog days refers to that time of year that is hot, stagnant and moribund. We are in the dog days of games - the end of August where everything feels like the same old same old. New stuff comes in two months. Meanwhile ...

I thought this would be an adventure game for kids. This game is a one track shooter. You have crash landed on an island inhabited by monkeys. They are not happy about this and will pelt you with all sorts of objects, mostly fruits. You in return, must shoot them. With a water gun or a sling shot depending whether you are a girl or boy. Monkeys come in different costumes, ninja, pirate, mummies and some I couldn't make out. Other attackers hang out in the back of the screen - shoot them too. Weapon upgraded to machine gun and bazooka does not seem to make much of a difference. Story mode takes you through ten levels - Versus play requires two game cartridges. Don't do this to your friends.

Fun Factor: Not much
Female Factor: One character is a girl
Player Friendly: No problems

Reviewed by: Editor - Aug/10

  • Monkey Madness Island Escape
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  • Platform(s): DS
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