Murder in the Abbey  - Review

Murder in the Abbey
Ages: Everyone 10+

It starts out slowly, with questions about a monk's death - suicide or murder? Leonardo, a monk known for his wisdom in both secular and religious matters is sent to investigate the matter. Leonardo comes fettered with a young novice, Bruno, who he often refers to as, "My toothache". Bruno is the questioning voice to the main character. The game starts slowly, with only one murder which occurs off stage. This gives you time to explore the Abby, go into all of the buildings and grounds, and talk to all of the monks. While the characters are drawn in a simple cartoon style, the story and environment feel very realistic - and so you get to experience what most of us haven't - the inner workings of an abbey. Soon it becomes apparent the mystery is centered in the library - where only the head and assistant librarians are allowed in - not even Leonardo is given access.

Each monk becomes a unique character, conveyed by how they are drawn and the excellent voice acting. Some you dislike, some you get to be quite fond of, but all are suspects. Leonardo questions, searches, observes, gathers, constructs with little Bruno following closely behind. The tempo of the drama increases and there are more murders before the final scene. I must admit that I was puzzled until the end.

This is a complex story, with characters that are skillfully and quickly developed. Seventeen different voice actors are used which added greatly to the richness of the story. The Crimson Cow credits were heavily populated by German and Spanish names which most likely accounted for the authentic feel of the game.

Fun Factor: Engrossing
Female Factor: In an abbey?
Player Friendly: Manual gives pictures of all the monks so you can keep track.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/08

  • Murder in the Abbey
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