MTV Music Generator 3 -- This is the Remix - Box

MTV Music Generator 3 -- This is the Remix
Ages: Teen

Making music, it turns out, is very much like filing out a spread sheet. One drops samples -- boxes of varying sizes, depending on their length -- into a grid of 24 channels. Samples are color coded into drum, bass, riff, and vocal; the precise choices have pretty names and can be selected from menus, which can be stocked from libraries, and can be added to mostly by placing other boxes in other grids.

After a while of moving boxes around, the screen resembles fruit salad, and, well, with me, it sounds like fruit salad, too.

Because selecting things from menus and placing them on a grid is terribly boring, shadows are forever moving across the background and across selected items like interference from the video game next door. Menus have depth, slide back and forth, regroup, light up, while little tron-esque highlight effects zip along their corners. It's still fairly subdued, by MTV standards; but unfortunately, the inconsistent meaning of commands while navigating the hierarchy of libraries ("X" will select something in one window, but discard it in another) ruins the interaction flow for anyone but the most determined -- and if you're determined enough to get past that, why would you be playing with toy software rather than a real sequencer?

Reviewed by: Jutta Degener - 04/05

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