My Baby First Steps  - Review

My Baby First Steps
Ages: Everyone

Having played this game and the earlier one on the DS, I was interested to see it on the Wii. First - I wasn't prepared for the full size baby on my screen. The living room looked immense and I saw details I hadn't seen on the DS. But there's more to it than visuals.

The game is essentially the same as on the DS. Please read the DS review. The difference is that the game doesn't work well on the Wii. Not all games should be ported, games play differently on different machines. In this case, the remote does not do well on hot spots such as the baby's hand and book page. Since, if you don't do things right - the baby cries and cries, and it is not good to have a life-size toddler crying.

Taking care of the baby feels more fitting on a game cradled in your hand. Waving the remote to interact with the kid pales when compared to the intimacy of touching the screen. If you want to bring up a toddler, bring it up on the DS.

Fun Factor: Remote insensitivity is frustrating
Female Factor: Your choice to be dad or mom and have a boy or girl
Player Friendly: Wii is a poor platform for this game

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/09

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