My Baby Girl - Review

My Baby Girl
Ages: Everyone

Be prepared to take your time in this game. Taking care of a baby means almost constant attention, babies don't grow up immediately. In the early stages you will feed, pet, change, feed, pet, change. The only thing that they miss is the burping. If you don't tip the bottle at the right angle, Nurse Nancy will come and correct your technique. If you don't clean the baby correctly, Nurse Nancy will come by and correct. Between the doctor and the nurse you will get many instructions, how to spoon feed, the order in which clothes are put on, how to engage and play. From my experience - they are all accurate and well done. Might be a good first step for kids who want to become babysitters.

You can buy clothes and playthings with the stars you collect from taking pictures. Pictures given to grandma will result in presents - it's a win either way. Pictures are taken with the shoulder buttons which I kept pressing as I was changing the diaper which didn't work well for either.

The house acts as sort of a map for actions, feeding, diapering, playing, dressing. Selections require a double stylus press. Height and weight are charted, and by clicking the Development section, kindly Dr. George will tell you what to do next. Talking to the baby is important even if baby talking to your DS makes you feel like a fool.

The infant sounds: crying, cooing or sucking on a bottle are extremely well done - as is the baby's animation. Both, plus the nurse's prodding tend to give the game a sense of urgency which contributes much to the realistic feel. The cover art does injustice to the game. The baby on the cover looks like a wide-eyed cupie doll. The game is anything but. Once inside the box, you can choose the sex of the baby and its ethnicity. Nice!

Fun Factor: Fun, informative, unique!
Female Factor: Fair shake all around - you can have a boy or girl baby and play as mother or father.
Player Friendly: Game saves upon exiting but it's not mentioned in the manual which is otherwise good.

Reviewed by: Gen Katz, Editor - 07/09

  • My Baby Girl
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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
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