My Frogger -- Toy Trials - Review

My Frogger -- Toy Trials
Ages: E

There's lots of misdirection in the beginning, and too much talk before getting into the game. The whole Toei thing about creating pets from children's drawings doesn't add much to the game but it adds a lot of text to get through. The story is basically that of a boy and his pet frog Frogger. Frogger has to accomplish various mini-games to win the final prize an anything you wish for prize.

While not completely original in concept, the mini-games are fun, varied, and a lot more than hop and dodge. On what resembles a football field, you must knock down your opponent before he knocks you down, there's a water and a land maze race, a dancing game where you follow the notes, a sneaking and yelling game, ball rolling, monster whacking and a box pushing game. Many of the games make use of the touch screen and blowing into the mike. It's a new direction for Frogger and I don't know why they waited so long.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

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