My Hero: Doctor  - Review

My Hero: Doctor
Ages: E 10+

The My Hero games could start an admirable trend - making games with real heroes - those who serve and protect and can inspire kids as role models. There's enough excitement in hospital dramas that it would seem easy to make an exciting game and Majesco tries. Since the game is aimed at kids the victims are kids from a local high school - a good idea. But they missed the opportunity of informing kids about being in a hospital, an ambulance, X-rays, anesthesia - even breakfast in bed. They do advise not to get dehydrated.

Game activities consist of driving an ambulance, learning to do injections, finding and bandaging fractures, doing CPR by blowing into the microphone and using a defibrillator. The mechanics are moving the stylus to match circles, following moving dots and hitting the correct spot. Again, the hot spots are imprecise, blunting the feeling that you are becoming a skilled doctor. You can learn more about being a doctor by playing one of the pet vet games.

The box art is back to the '80's with this hunk barreling through the doors. Women make up a huge percentage of doctors now-a-days. How about a team in scrubs and masks and let the buyer decide the gender.

Fun Factor: It's Dr. Lite
Female Factor: Non-existent
Player Friendly: Unresponsive hot spots

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/10

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