My Hero: Firefighters  - Review

My Hero: Firefighters
Ages: Everyone 10+

Using firefighters and doctors as heroes is admirable, and the concept is clearly preferable to games where carnage and blood letting is the measure of the hero. Firefighters put their lives on the line to protect our homes and save people. My idea of heroic. My Hero: Firefighter and My Hero: Doctor are for young players - mostly boys if you look at the box cover, but since only the back of the character is shown in the game, it is possible for a dedicated girl to imagine herself as the "hero".

In My Firefighter - the better of the two, players gets to hose down different fires, use an ax to break through barriers, handle working with masks on, drive the fire engine through traffic, and move the extendable ladder up, down and back and forth to people at windows - essentially saving them. All actions are done using the stylus and here is where the game disappoints - and this is true of both games. The hot spots are so vague and unresponsive that you are not certain that you have hit the right spot. Repeating a task three times will almost certainly gain results at the cost of feeling that you yourself have accomplished the task. The instruction manual is good but all this wasn't enough. If being a fire fighter is your thing, and you are willing to spring for a Wii game, you might check out Real Heroes: Fire Fighters by Crave.

Majesco has not treated these "promising" kid games with the care that they deserve. They have a good idea and they should run with it.

Fun Factor: Doesn't feel like being a firefighter.
Female Factor: Nonexistent
Player Friendly: Unresponsive hot spots.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/10

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