My Little Pony PC Play Pack - Box

My Little Pony PC Play Pack
Ages: eC - Early Childhood Ages 3-6

I don't qualify for Early Childhood -- maybe for second childhood, so for perhaps a fairer review of this game you will have to wait for one of my young reviewers. This game is so pinky sweet that it set my teeth on edge. The faux English voice made it even worse. "That is just lovely Dahling." In ten minutes you are "Darling'd" to death. And then the voice asks, "What shall we do next Dahling?" and there is no way to say, "No, I don't want to pick up socks, I want out of here". Don't ask questions if you don't expect an answer.

The game makes use of things that little girls love -- ponies, dress up, parties, dancing and cake decoration -- and they do it all poorly. The cake decoration is harder to control than it is in real life. The dress up for the pony is carelessly done so that the objects don't really fit and the perspectives don't match. The bedroom decoration are tastelessly garish -- a bad introduction to decorating. The game comes packed with a Sparkleworks pony -- that doesn't sparkle.

Children usually play "Early Childhood" accompanied by their parents -- at least at the beginning. I predict that this one will drive parents up the wall. If you must have a pony to dress up go to Amazon and get Crayola's Paint 'n Play Pony $6.89 published in '99. Now that game did what this one should have done. Read its review here .

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/04

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