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My Scene
Ages: 8 and up

You might not recognize Barbie, Chelas and Madison from the box but My Scene is still a Barbie game, which means clothes, make-up , and jewelry. Vivendi Universal has made Barbie a teenager, with clothes that show bellybuttons and mod jewelry to appeal to girls over 5. The ages are stated as 8 and up and they may be successful. The settings are in a city with a Downtown and a Village and a subway train that takes them to and fro. Being from New York -- it was the subway train that got me. Money for clothes has to be earned by working a various fun places (and doing puzzles). Clothes have to appropriate for various engagements - art shows and charity events. Boys pass by in the street but there is no real engagement -- a missed opportunity for the game. Basically, it is the same Barbie formula -- but updated. Some will love it, some will see through it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

Dad: This is one of the Barbie titles that is geared towards 7-9 year olds. Your daughter will be required to read in order to figure out key parts to the game so keep that in mind if you are looking at purchasing the game. Caelyn has really had a wonderful time designing her own clothes and especially making the music tracks. This game introduces the concept of money in a very good way. You have "chores" to do which are stored on Barbie's (or one of the other 2 girls') phone. Most of the items will require money, of which Barbie has a limited amount of. When she runs out of money, she will need to go earn more by working at the music or clothes design stores. I cannot tell you how many times I heard "Ah, nuts!! I'm out of money" as Caelyn played this game over and over and over. While not overly hard, some of the puzzles require reading at least at a first grade level and really second grade is recommended unless you want to sit and read some of the harder parts, which isn't a bad idea unless you are busy building a garage like me Several of the puzzles types require a logical thought progression and process of elimination. Clues as to what a particular girls wants for her party gift require you to put clues together and do a process of elimination to select the correct gift. I like games that really make Caelyn and Lindsey think...and because it's about makeup or a new pair of boots, they do it and don't even realize they are learning. This is a very good title for the older little girls and the My Scene girls are a very good alternative to the Bratz kids.

Caelyn: I really like the different ways you can make money in the game. You get to go to a place called Making Trax and make really neat music using different tracks to make your own music. You get paid for making the music. You also get paid for designing different types of clothes. The head designer tells you what type of designs she is looking for and as long as you stay within her instructions, you can make whatever you want. I like the different pictures that you can make and print out at the end of each adventure.

Reviewed by: Dad and Caelyn - 7 - 08/04

Barbie’s grown up! At least, I think she has. In this game, Barbie and friends do what they do best; shop, and look pretty. When I first saw this game I thought it would be like the other Barbie games; cute and fluffy with a little learning thrown in. The My Scene dolls appear to be Mattel’s reaction to the Bratz line of “edgier” dolls, and they do it admirably. Barbie’s blond locks have gotten highlights, and she shows more skin then she ever has in recent memory. And it appeals to the children. The game itself is very cute, with Barbie running around New York in an effort to make money for clothes and other such items, and wearing them to various events around the city. Never mind that Barbie is a teenager, and has no business being invited to charity events. Barbie does seem a bit more boy-obsessed then she used to be. (Maybe the recent break-up with Ken has something to do with it ;) ) I thought that this game would be good for children in the lower grades, form around 7 to 11. Anyone older would deny that they ever played with dolls, and anyone younger wouldn’t really understand the premise of the game. I thought that the graphics were very cartoon-like, which was the point of the game. The sound was very cute, and the “Make your own music” section of the game was a nice touch. I would rate this game an 8 out of 10. It didn’t seem to have much replay value, but then again, I’m not an 8 year old girl. With all the more interesting game titles coming out, I think I could get used to this new, improved Barbie. I just hope Mattel doesn’t take too far.

Reviewed by: Vivian B - 02/05

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