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Strategy Guide -- Myst Uru -- Complete Chronicles
Ages: Everyone

Prima's official game guide for Myst Uru Complete Chronicles is good enough to be a cocktail table book. The book covers the original Uru and the two expansion games; To D'ni which is available to down load, free from (10MB) and The Path of the Shell available separately or in combination with all three.

The step by step walkthrough contains screen shots that are clearer that those on the screen. D'ni an underground world has a red sky and red lakes and is very dark, so the clear shots are extremely helpful in navigating the world.

Prima doesn't stop there. There are full page color images of the screens, early design sketches, interviews with the designers and musicians and a reprint of all the journals from the game so you can read them at your leisure. Not a trivial addition - there are 26 Journals of the Kings alone. All this is important to those who take the mythology of the series seriously. This is more that a guide, it is an impressive addition to the game

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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