Myst - DS - Review

Myst - DS
Rating: E - Everyone

Myst first came out in 1993 and, in itself, created a whole new genre - a graphic adventure game with fantastic worlds to explore, challenging puzzles and exquisite music. I admit to being a Myst junkie and the idea of having that game in my pocket was almost inconceivable.

Around two years ago a version of Myst for the Nintendo DS was released. This month it was re-released by a different producer, Storm City Games. The only difference between the two releases that I noticed was the ability to interrupt cut-scenes, which had been sorely lacking in 2008.

The original game and the experience it provided is just too big for the Nintendo DS, but it does make a valiant attempt - all the worlds are there:

All of these worlds are in your hand plus an additional age - Rime (which appeared in the Real-Myst version but feels like an incomplete afterthought).

To get to these worlds requires the player to push sliders, copy musical notes, navigate tough mazes, enter codes, and find well hidden clues. All this was difficult on the computer screen - almost impossible on the three-inch screen. The magnifying glass does well with allowing you to read the text in the books but inadequate to let you see the numbers and switches and buttons you need to use. Unfortunately, the producers of this version did not (or perhaps could not for technical reasons) give us a scene magnifier, so that it is not possible to see the original graphics in full resolution and detail. As a result the beauty of the original game is lost in the low-res screen and some of the puzzles become excruciatingly difficult. If you have just gotten the new DSiXL, the larger screen helps quite a bit both visually and in enabling you to touch the correct spots with your stylus, even if the actual resolution of the display is exactly the same as the DS and DSi.

One feature of the DS version that does help the gameplay is the ability to get an annotated 'map' of the age you are in on the upper screen. There you are shown where all the significant things are and the paths by which they are reachable.

Now after all this - if you are determined to play - and Myst aficionados are many, here are some tips. Get a strategy guide or walkthrough. I used the old Prima Myst - The Official Strategy Guide, excellent because of its pictures. Alternately you can go to, they have several walkthroughs plus a game map. There are three save slots in the game setup, and if you want to explore all the unlocked worlds after you solve the game, be sure to save just before the final scene. Otherwise all you will be able to do is the shuttle between a linking book in the Library and the Rime Age. The DS won't give you surround sound but played with earphones it is more than adequate. So - if you can't have a whole loaf and would be happy with half a loaf - enjoy.

Fun Factor: Myst junkies will play the game on the head of a pin.
Player Friendly: They tried - but it's beyond the capability of the DS. Saves are good, and having a map available in each Age is a big help.

Reviewed by: Lou - Mar/10

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