Mystic  Emporium - Review

Mystic Emporium
Ages: Everybody

If you are a fan of the "dash" games where customers ask for stuff, you make stuff, please customers, make money to buy more equipment to make more stuff ... This is your game.

Tired of restaurants? Come and join Lilly, a young witch in her endeavor to make the most successful magical pharmacy ever. In this time-management endeavor Lilly makes potions and sells magical crystals and charms to a weird and sometimes vanishing clientele. Symbols over the customers' heads indicate what they want. Drop the formula into the cauldron, put in the ingredients, wave the wand over it and a flash indicates that it is done. Potion making starts out with just a couple of ingredients and quickly goes up in complexity. Your inventory also increases with crystals and rings.

Of course, it's how you upgrade that is the strategy that makes for success. Do you spend your earnings on a harp to increase customers patience, save for the special cauldron of enchanted alloy that speeds up cooking, or buy fairy dust sneakers to move faster? There are 24 levels and some will have you clicking like a maniac.

The graphics are bright and detailed in this dark cave. Lilly clearly has an attitude and enjoys her work. The fire under the cauldrons and the big "poof" when Lilly casts her magical spell is very satisfying. There are intermediate match-three games to get extra perks and give you a break from potion-making.

Download and play free for one hour or purchase for $6.99 from Big Fish Games.

Fun Factor: More fun in the easier stages
Female Factor: Lilly - a witch with an attitude
Player Friendly: There are some reports of difficulties at higher levels

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/09

  • Mystic Emporium
  • © Merscom $6.99
  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP