The Naked Brothers Band - The Video Game DS  - Review

The Naked Brothers Band - The Video Game DS
Ages: Everyone

Is it worth $13 more for a mic? I enjoyed the game even more on the DS. It's perfect for the kind of motions you need to make to play the instruments, tapping, stroking and in the case of vocals, using the stylus to keep on a sensuous moving line.

The story is approximately the same, but here the tour is 10 major cites. The game feels a little more competitive with the introduction of a new group manager, but with the game levels of easy, medium and hard you can still ace the game. The stage settings are nice with multi-colored background and twinkling lights and the graphics, while not smooth, show the kids and settings in a satisfactory manner - remember, you are looking mostly at the screen at the bottom trying to keep your strokes in time with the music. And with WLAN two can play.

Fun Factor: Kids will be at one with the Naked Brothers
Female Factor: Not a girl's band but has one female
Player Friendly: Good instructions both in manual and in-game

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

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