Neopets Puzzle Adventure  - Review

Neopets Puzzle Adventure - DS
Ages: Everyone

The game follows in the same style as PuzzleQuest: Challenge of the Warlords released last year which combined two genres - a Match Three game and an RPG.

The DS has a simpler game than the one on the Wii, and I think better. It is in 2D, battle is on the touch screen, and it has fewer Petpets to choose from (25). The game play is simpler because the only modification to the battle game is Neopets, with maximum of five at a time plus the occasional Shockwave which rearranges the board. Action is limited to your Neopet running about, climbing stairs, crossing bridges to her next battle somewhere in the colorful Japanese landscape.

Battle is the puzzle game taken from Reversi - that engaging game of black and white disks that made a satisfying click as they reversed color, which happens when you place your color in the front and back end of a single or line of your opponents color. The Neopets you gain by winning these battles can help out by doing things like reversing one color chip or exchanging one of your chips with your opponents'. This will please some and annoy others. If you think changing a king for a queen in chess changes the game from strategy to chance - spend your money on the board game.

In the Main menu, after you have selected your Neopet, you are given the option of Story Mode mode or Instant Action. Instant Action is a win. You get the battle games plus the mini games:
Foraging - match at least 2 of a kind:
Training - find pairs card match:
Draw - hearts, circles Xs stars and moons.
The last the most unique and fun.

Although RPG terms are used in the game - it takes more than words to make an RPG game. After leveling up and up and up the only thing I could do was to unlock codes and go to the Neopets website and buy clothes for my Neopet.

The game will automatically save at the end of the last battle and the game can be re-entered by selecting your Neopet from the main menu. You can battle against a friend using Wireless DS Play or Wireless DS Multi-Card Play - probably more fun that way. The game has an Easy mode setting where your available squares flash. Almost impossible to lose that way. All told, I spent hours at it - Reversi is as captivating as Tetris.

Fun Factor: Engaging puzzle
Female Factor: Neopets come in both genders
Player Friendly: From the manual on "Saving Your Game" "If you wish to delete your saves, you may do so at the Main Menu."

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/09

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