New Zealand Story - Revolution - Review

New Zealand Story - Revolution
Ages: Everyone

New Zealand! A story set in New Zealand? Well, it's a rework of 1988 arcade classic - a lone kiwi bird Tiki platforms against the hazards and fiends thrown up by the Evil leopard seal to save his friends. To accomplish this he must fight, eat fruit and find keys to the cages. To assist him, he eventually will get roller-skates, a go-cart and balloons.

The movement controls are simple:

But that is deceptive; it really is a pretty sophisticated game with complex and miscellaneous options that make the game enjoyable to some and frustrating to others. Mini-games that could be fun become seriously challenging when having to do them while watching your back. I think Taito was right in not compromising or downgrading this game. This way, old fans can really enjoy it and others can just work on it, hopefully with some satisfaction..

Fun Factor: Brings back memories.
Player Friendly: Harder than it looks.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/08

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