Nicktoons- Attack of the Toybots - Review

Nicktoons- Attack of the Toybots - DS
Ages: Everyone

The game gets right into the action, and pits the Nickelodeon heroes against the malevolent Toy Bots. Jimmy Neutron assembles the crew and they go out to kick some evil toy butt. It feels like more fun sort of a distillation of the console games.

Pick your team mate and go.

Controls have been kept simple. The directional pad keys are used for navigation and fighting: A: jump, B: attack, X: special team powers, Y: swap characters. On screen info has also been kept to a simple need to know basis; Yellow star: individual health, green star: team health, Nuts and Bolts Mech health.

The touch screen is used to manipulate valves, rotate bridges, push buttons and is used in minigames. While it is a minimal use of the advantages that the DS touch screen offers, it is a good balance of controls. Both screens are used for the game images, which gives this 2D game surprising visual spread.

Game play takes place in the toy factory where you battle the Toybots, a driving scenario through both screens and the final boss battle. The evil toy bots come at our heroes fast and furious and often require power build ups. Certain characters are better at fighting. Be advised - SpongeBob with his bubbles is a wimp and his "Wheee" gets really tiring. There are enough puzzle teasers interspersed with the bashing to give the game an expansive feel.

Fun Factor: Probably the most satisfying of all the platforms.
Female Factor: Where are the girls?
Player Friendly: Still to many "hard" jumps and not enough saves.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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