Nostalgia - Review

Ages: Everyone 10+

The name itself sets the mood for a fantasy RPG that could be an introduction for kids to the genre. Well, at least at the beginning; later stages are likely to require adult help. The plot involves a boy's search for his adventuring father and includes Melody, a young witch, Pad, a gunslinger from London. Fiona, an enigma, is the young girl rescued by Eddie's father, who seems to hold clues to his disappearance. The major evil forces in this case, sounding like something from DeVinci's Code, are the Ancient Father's Cabal.

After clearing the rats from the sewers, Eddy qualifies as an Adventurer and takes command of his father's dirigible. The adventure spans the world and there will be dungeon fights in exotic locations - the Pyramids, Mount Ararat, the Tower of Babel and El Dorado, with enemies appropriate to the location - mummies, alligators, ghosts, unnamable things. Shops in each locale will sell weapons and magic potions. Both air and land battles are turn-based.

In-flight battles are different and get harder with altitude. Saves are found in Option. You can only save in towns, or in the world map, or at save points in dungeons. Quick Save, something new, is a temp save, allowing the player to exit the game. The game can be resumed at Continue but quick save data will be erased once the game is loaded. It's an easy in-and-out.

Dirigibles are in this year - there is another one in Dragonology

Fun Factor: An old-fashioned novel RPG
Female Factor: A female witch and a female with mysterious powers
Player Friendly: Not enough save points to keep you from going back.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

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