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Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Negatron
Ages 6+

The target group for this game is kids who have already seen Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon or seen the movie. That makes it 6 to maybe 10 year olds. And while the graphics in the game are wonderful and the voices of Jimmy the good and Jimmy the bad amusing, the controls for the game are awful and the instructions essentially non existent. The game is too vague and frustrating for kids and I don't see adults playing it.

Mouse control widely over-swings, so the need for arrow keyboard control is essential and indeed it is strongly suggested in the manual. However the speed function is still on the mouse button. So now you have two hands busy, plus there are functions associated with additional keys like T, K, B, L, Z, Shift and Enter, and this makes it too much to handle. In some areas, the vehicle you are controlling does not respond and at times seems to move erratically by itself. This is truly a pain mental and physical.

The instructions in the manual do not give the slightest inkling as to what environments will be visited and what tasks will be required of the player. Help is limited to diagramming the keyboard and mouse functions associated with the current vehicle/activity. Instruction are given verbally, ONE time by Jimmy and are not repeated unless you can find a question mark to bump into. Too bad if you don't know what you are to do or look for.

Considering that Jimmy is a science wiz little of his knowledge is shared with the player. Objects are picked up randomly and poof - you get a water balloon launcher, or things like picking up a funnel plus baking soda plus vinegar will get you speed. Soon the player gives up finding any logic to the game.

If the function of games is to amuse and perhaps act a stress reliever, or perhaps even serve up some tasty bits of knowledge, this one doesn't make it. For simple fun if you insist on Jimmy Neutron get the Game Boy Advance version.

Editor Review

I have been traveling as Jimmy Neutron through a series of mazes to try and take back the town of Retroville from the evil Jimmy Negatron and return it to normal. My teacher, Miss Fowl, and some of my classmates have been hidden and some of them have been turned into monsters. Along the way you can earn extra points for finding items you collect and then use them to build inventions. You use these inventions against Jimmy Negatrons evil minions. I have reached level Halloween as a #5 Lab Technician.

The games was pretty interesting overall. I like the game because of the cool inventions and the items that you collect to build those inventions. I really enjoyed the level when you had to squish and destroy a bunch of creepy mummies that are after Jimmy. The one place that I found frustrating was the pyramid where you attempt the rescue of Miss Fowl. That was challenging for me and I had to run through it several times to get the timing right.

I have been playing the game straight through and have been saving it each time. I have not started a second game to know if it changes each new game that you play.

The graphics are really good for a PC game. Cool characters, interesting colors, fun names and cool ideas for the inventions. I've seen the movie once and the TV show a few times, so I thought all the characters looked and sounded just as I remembered. I thought the music was good too, it was different at each place.

I did start by reading the directions before I actually started to play the game. I found it confusing at first to use the keyboard because there were so many options to use. Too many buttons to push. I tried it with the mouse but didn't like it that way; we do not have a joystick for the PC. It is a one-player game so someone can watch over your shoulder but they really can't play with you and that's a bummer. It is rated E for everyone, but I think that if a younger player couldn't read the directions or get an adults help with the keyboard, they may not be able to figure out most of the game. Maybe it would be better for an advanced 2nd grade game player or older, especially one familiar with the keyboard.

If I got to help make the game over, I would have liked to give Jimmy more items to find and more cool inventions to build. I would have made fewer keys to push and somehow make it have a two-player mode.

Reviewed by Josie S. Age 11

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