Odin Sphere - Review

Odin Sphere
Ages: Teen

Odin Sphere has been touted as one of the best 2D side scroller action game this season and do you know why? It's the story. An epic battle tale told from the viewpoint of five engaging main characters. A literate construct with the pull of a classic Rashomon type tale.

The story starts with Gwendolyn, the Valkyrie daughter of Lord Odin, King of Ragnanival, battling against insurmountable odds. She is determined to win her father's love at all costs even life itself.

Mercedes is the princess of the Fairy Kingdom and next in line be queen. The fairies are at odds with Ragnanival and have fierce flying attacks.

Velvet is the princess of Valentine and has survived its destruction. Hiding, she has become known as a witch with the power of prophecy.

Then we have poor prince Cornelius of Titania, who has been changed into a beast. He is in love with Velvet.

And finally, Oswald, a renowned human warrior, feared as the Shadow Knight and in service to the Fairy Kingdom.

Each warrior has their own special strengths and attacks - Gwendolyn, a glide attack and protective shield; Mercedes, her crossbow and hover attack; Cornelius, his sword and spin attack; Velvet, her chain for both attack and defense; and Oswald he just has attack power. The magical Psypher power is available to all. Each character must successfully play through eight levels before the next character is unlocked. The levels are varied, not all are battles, in some you shop, and eat. Food is important here and is the main way of recovering your strength.

The game design constructs each level as a circular 2D world. Run long enough in one direction and you will return to the same place. There are different exits in each level which take you to different places. A sketchy map shows you where the bosses are, your choice of available levels and where you can rest and shop.

Battles are mostly fought by pressing the square button but the player is charged for the hits and so strategy becomes part of the play. The bosses are hard because the opponents are so strong. There is an easy level -- made for those, as they say, who want to enjoy the graphics and story. Stats are not kept. However, the main bosses remain just as difficult. Is someone unclear on the concept?

Fun Factor: A very engaging story, good charcters.
Female Factor: The women characters outnumber the men.
Player Friendly: Bosses are too hard if what you want to do is to get to the end ofthe story.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/07

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