One Piece Pirates Carnival - Review

One Piece Pirates Carnival
Ages: Everyone

I had just finished a review for Age of Pirates, and figured with One Piece Pirates' Carnival that this season was going to be flush with pirates. Not so. This One Piece could just as easily been called, OnePiece Dragon Madness and still maintain the same game play. This is aparty game. Which means that it is mostly comprised of mini-games in which you try to get the winning score.

The game opens with tiles on a grid board. A player selects a tile and then all the players join in the mini-game. Whoever wins, that tile/space will be theirs and will take on their color. Surround an opponent and you get his tiles. The winning strategy is to have the most color tiles at game end. The tiles are also weighted so as to multiply scores or to give you an advantage over the other players.

One Piece and his characters hang around kibitzing and decorating the board. There are about 30 mini games, ranging from outright boss battles to memory games and racing games. All in all, the games are pretty amusing and will keep at least 4 kids occupied for the afternoon.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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