Our House - Review

Our House
Ages: Everyone

A completely different game from the "Party" one - that doesn't mean it isn't fun - just different. The player will be working on upgrading her own house. To earn extra money for renovations, she will take on outside remodeling jobs. Most clients are quirky - these are no exception. Work for hire can be found on the Job Board.

Jobs will be varied, carpeting a floor, painting a wall, hanging a cabinet and arranging furniture. Some tasks like painting are timed, others like placing furniture are not. That's a good thing because placing and rotating pieces of furniture is very touchy.

Supplies are purchased in a generic "Our Showroom" and stored until they can be used in Storage. There is no shortage of supplies with over 400 items available, but because you are just starting and have few funds - the selection will be small at first. Sid will give you hints on what to buy to increase your house value. Purchases are stored until you get enough stuff to decorate.

It takes a while to finally get enough money to make substantial improvements on your house and you are left with doing jobs for hire. The goal is to upgrade your house and turn it over for a better one - this game must have been designed by an architect or a real estate agent. The Zen is to enjoy getting to the goal - not the goal itself.

Fun Factor: A light game - do not expect the Sims
Female Factor: Choices are equal
Player Friendly: No modifications are possible, no levels of difficulty, begins to feel rote.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

  • Our House
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  • Platform(s): GBDSDS
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