Our House Party - Review

Our House Party
Ages: Everyone

When groups of people in my neighborhood get together, talk generally centers around their kids and their house. Majesco has created a parry game out of the latter subject. It is a novel idea and has made a enjoyable "party of four" game - two couples.

The game centers around fixing your house up - it is competitive, and players will try to work fast while undoing any work the other player has done in order to come up with the highest score. Players pick their house type from fantasy Victorian to modern and agree upon a project - a new fence, remodeling a bathroom. The competition begins with a trip to Home Depot to buy the best items being offered - it causes crashes with shipping baskets. The jobs are done using movement action with the remote - nailing, laying tile. Opponents will try to take out nails, dump rabbits into the vegetable patches to lower each other's score.

Some projects are done two against two, and the projects can be anywhere inside or outside the house and include interior decorating. All this can add up-grades to you house, increasing it's value. There are over 175 fix-up games and some are very clever.

Lots of play for the price - but it needs more than one player to shine.

Fun Factor: Unusual and fun
Female Factor: Equal choices
Player Friendly: Even has a good manual.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

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  • Platform(s): Wii
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