Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball - Max'd - Box

Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball - Max'd
Ages: Everyone 10+

Was I wrong! I though that Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball - Max'd would sort of be a kids game. You know, shooting colorful splats at your friends -- maybe even doing a paint ball mural. I should have realized with Greg Hastings' name at the front of the title that this was going to be "professional paint ball". There are people all over the world who take paintballing seriously -- believe it.

This is a shooter game. Now, I am pretty turned off by killing games -- bad for my karma. But if you are just splatting people -- seems different. It's more like playing tag. I have to think more about this. As a shooter the standard skills are required, fast reaction time, accuracy and skill using your weapon. Oh -- and you have to reload the paint balls.

The game starts out in single person. You run, duck and pop-up and fire. You play as one in a team of 3, 5 , or 7 and if you die, you can become the person next to you. Eventually you can go online and play with real people instead of the computer. The tutorial will cover shooting, running (turbo), reloading, switching gun hands, snap direction (peeking), diving for cover and how to communicate with your team. That's it.

There are lots of choices as to different games locations -- mostly open spaces. You have a choice of games -- remember "Capture the Flag". Stealth, sneaking around, keeping your body from being a target is almost as important as shooting. Lots of nice touches here to make the game feel close to the experience. I'm thinking, might be fun to try out a real game of paint ball.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

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