Barbie -- Princess and the Pauper - Box

Barbie -- Princess and the Pauper
Ages: 3 -- 6

There is little similarity between the PC version of Barbie Princess and the Pauperand the GBA version. But of course you already knew that. Actually, if you are a Barbie fan -- it is a reason to get both.

Four characters remain identifiable blue Erika, pink Anneliese and the two cats. Each character has their own special skill and you get ahead by having them work together. For example Anneliese carries what looks to be a tray, which she can lift over her head to make a launching pad, enabling cat Serafina to make a high jump. They get to explore different parts of their kingdom; the Royal Orchard for apples, the Evergreen Forest for butterflies, the the Crystal Mines for gems and The Village to trade. A pretty pastime.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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