Barbie -- Princess and the Pauper - Box

Barbie -- Princess and the Pauper
Ages: 3 -- 6

Barbie Princess and the Pauper doesn't deal with paupers. I mean, who wants to play with rags? It's more fun to have two beautiful princess serenely gliding through castles and gardens in their pink and blue fancy dresses. The plot is in the service of doing the tasks that will qualify Princess Erica to become queen. These qualifying tasks include: tending gardens, making stained glass windows, picking apples, caring for kittens, baking and frosting cake (my favorite -- I go wild), learning to barter with the townspeople and finally decorating the castle. Eventually all the tasks are done. All that is left is to tidy up, grab a crown and go to a coronation. Pretty much a typical Barbie game. This one with two princess no pauper. Hybrid disk plays on both PC and Mac

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

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