Peach Girl #3 - Box

Peach Girl #3
Ages: Teen 13+

Introducton "Momo is not your typical high school student ... she's constantly, completely misunderstood. Not only does she have an undeserved bad reputation, but she can never work up the nerve to tell the boy of her dreams, Toji, how she feels about him. The only girl in her class that will befriend her is Sae, but she just may be Momo's greatest enemy!"

Number 3 "The drama continues as Momo and Toji break up over Kiley's 'stolen' kiss with Momo. Of course, the queen of mean, Sae, is up to her usual sneaky ways and tries to make Momo look like a fool in front of the entire school. With the tide about to turn against her, will Momo sink or swim?"

Reviewed by: Tokyo Pop - 06/05

  • Peach Girl #3
  • Author: Miwa Uede
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