Pet Pals: New Leash on Life - Review

Pet Pals: New Leash on Life
Ages: Everyone

The game starts out with an abandoned cat in an alley and immediately your heart goes out to it. A rescue vehicle drives up and the scene cuts to the veterinary clinic and your job as a vet begins. You are not alone - the team includes two techs, another veterinarian and an "enrichment specialist". Yes, an enrichment specialist - a little like an animal therapist because you not only have to cure the animals - you also have to socialize them to make them attractive to new owners. That's the "New Leash On Life" part.

Your first tasks are to examine the animal; you monitor functions, do tests and make your deductions. If necessary you medicate or operate on the animal. The tutorials are the best of the entire series. A yellow highlight helps the player navigate through the techniques needed.

The second part involves getting the pet ready for adoption, which involves, playing, training grooming and socializing it so that it will appeal to a new owner. Anyone who has taken in a feral cat will understand how important that process is. It is important to establish trust with the animal before training it. When the pet doesn't understand a question mark appears over its head - when it understands, a light bulb, and then treats are in order.

The game is well put together with enough help to keep the player progressing without frustration. 30 small animal cases - dogs cats, rabbits, chinchillas, iguanas and parrots are very likely to be exactly the kind of animals that are around the house and I find that easier to relate to than "Endangered Species". This is not a fast game but a thinking one. It's you, the animals and the team. Besides a feast for would-be vets with a ton of information, it helps de-mystify some of the procedures used on our own pets. The techniques are so clearly described that the game should come with a disclaimer, "Don't Try This At Home!"

Legacy, the producer, works with nonprofits and a portion of the sales from Pet Pals: New Leash on Life goes to the Humane Society.

Fun Factor: Mostly an in-depth experience of treating animals
Female Factor: You play as yourself
Player Friendly: Good instructions

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/09

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