Pet Pals - Animal Doctor - Review

Pet Pals - Animal Doctor
Ages: Everyone

I have spent so much time playing animal, pet, zoo, and vet games that by now I should have a certificate hanging on my wall. Here you are a novice vet working in a busy animal clinic. Pick your difficulty level - Easy, Hard, Normal. You will handle a variety of pets - cats, dogs, fish, snakes, iguana, rat - no farm animals here.

The waiting room is your operational hub - from there you access the tutorial, the patient owners, entrance to the recovery room, and the computer for mini-games. You can click on the people in the waiting room to see what kind of animal they have bought in. On your first day, the senior vet welcomes you to the office and introduces you to your team - nice that you are not handling this alone.

Start with the Light bulb and questions. The Doctor's bag holds tools. On the easy level - the correct tool flashes. Exams are done using the stylus on the touchscreen. The layout of the game and how the icons are used and expand makes the game easy to navigate.

Help is available through short hints or a more extensive info summary. You get points on how accurate your diagnosis is and how well you treat the animals. Making the wrong decision, asking incorrect questions, being clumsy with the instruments reduces your score. Being right is fun but being wrong is a learning experience.

Fun Factor: For some - the perfect job
Female Factor: A mixed staff
Player Friendly: Clear design makes playing easy.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/08

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