Physicus - Box

Ages 10 - 102

The graphics scenes are reminiscent of Myst, with high peaks set in oceans, rusted and ancient machinery and interiors are puzzling and yet tantalizing familiar - as though you are on the edge of solving the mystery. Each time you encounter a puzzle there is an option to review the science related to it.

This one is for older kids. The science reads like a text book and covers electricity, optics, energy, mechanics and acoustics. However, the puzzles are frustrating and not at all straightforward. Even if you know the science involved -- the arbitrary nature of the puzzles make solving them difficult. If you choose the minimum installation you will have to change CD's every time you go from the game to the educational chapters and back again.

Many of Tivola's games come from the United Kingdom. Maybe their education system is more demanding. My suggestion. Go to Tivola for the tips -

Editor Review 11/01

Physicus is a game in which you have to save a planet from being wiped clean of life. A meteor has hit the planet and caused it to stop moving. The game is very hard to play unless you have some hints to get you started. The control system is easy to use once you get the hang of it. The graphics are wonderful, but the game is too hard for someone who does not want to be patient and think about some things for a long time.

Review by MRS

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