Viva Piñata – Party Animals   - Review

Viva Piñata – Party Animals
Ages: Everyone

It's Party Time and you will play as one of the four main characters, Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail, Franklin Fizzlybear or Hudson Horstachio, all old timers. Now, there are four new characters fresh from the factory, Fudgehogs, Doenuts, Squazzels and Bunnycombs and a DJ called Pierre with a great voice. There's enough chromatic intensity in the scenery and characters to burn your eyes out if you stare too long. Piñata land is great for those coming gray days.

This game requires four players for the races -- like it says in the title, "Party" otherwise you will be playing against the computer. Xbox Live is also an option. Fortunately, the new color controllers are out in girl/boy colors of pink and blue ($49.99). Much of the game is in racing through four different environments sunny beaches, snowy mountains, urban township and the challenging complex factory. Mini games follow the races and are pretty standard: a dancing game, shooting things, smashing things – pumpkins, bugs and stars but hands off the Piñatas . To round thing off nicely, a burping contest. Boys will be boys .

A bunch of clever, talented people are working on Piñata and it shows, but for the next one they will have to do more than racing – maybe a mystery? The game's manual is one of the funniest I have read – clearly written with parents in mind, who are probably the only ones reading it.

Fun Factor: More fun with friends
Female Factor: Why are all the leading characters guys?

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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