Pinkie Pie's Party Parade (PC) - Review

Pinkie Pie's Party Parade (PC)
Ages: Everyone - Young

The game, from Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise comes on with such blinding pinkness and cuteness that only your very young daughter/granddaughter will be able to stand it and apparently, they do. My Little Pony is my benchmark for saccharinity.

The game has all things to please little girls, ponies, pretty colors, music, coloring, cake decorating, trimming a room for a party and dressing up. It sounds as though the ponies have been inhabited by the Brats with "Pinkie Pie" and Tiila-Roola" no person on earth speaks like this.

The attraction of the game is the quick visible response to the action of the click. Very satisfying. I found myself playing longer than I would like to admit with the musical brushes. Some things could have been made less confusing especially since it's for young kids. The number of times an activity has to be done before proceeding to the next event or for getting a piece of a puzzle. From the number of puzzle pieces it looks like they expect at least 48 replays of the game.

Fun Factor: Lots of fun for the very young
Female Factor: No male in sight
Player Friendly: Designed for kids

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/07

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