Pitfall; the Big Adventue - Review

Pitfall; the Big Adventue
Ages: Everyone

If thay had put a fedora on the kid on the cover - I would have recognized it immediately for what it was, Indiana Jones for kids. Harry, pictured younger on the box shot actually looks older in the game as he leaps over the deliciously yawing pits with teeth. All the hazards are portrayed in the extreme and what ever you think will happen - happens.

The story starts with a plane crash, of course, and Harry must find the other passengers, stop an evil witch doctor from unleashing revenge, help out a princess and prevent his arch rival from stealing the treasures of El Dorado. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it? Hints are available from Harry's journal and the Heroic Handbook and occasionally in the game. Map, journal and handbook are all drawn on a seared and old notebook in keeping with feeling of the story. There are enough animals encountered that Harry has a special Bestiary with tips and information. It's all good fun and even adults might like the spoof on I.J.

Fun Factor: Plenty
Female Factor: It's a Harry story
Player Friendly: Only four save slots. Could have had an easier inventory.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

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