Pajama Sam 3 - You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet. - Box

Pajama Sam 3 - You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet.
Ages 3 - 8

The game opens with our peppy hero trying to down twenty boxes of cookies so he can get enough box tops for an action hero. A good beginning for a game where the characters are from the food groups. The sneaky cookies lure Pajama Sam to the Mop Top Island where the fats and the sweets are holding hostage the other food groups. To prevent a food war, Pajama Sam must locate the missing food delegates so they can attend the Peace Conference which is being held at the Food Pyramid. Of course the fats and sweets try to foil his mission but Pajama Sam is undaunted. I must admit however, that the Sweet's Candy Party looked like such a fun that I would have been tempted to hang around with the bad guys.

This third adventure continues with the logical thinking, problem solving situations set in, what has now become expected, bright colorful settings. The game doesn't preach good nutrition although players will be introduced to the food groups and the Food Pyramid. The game has been made easier than the previous ones and there is online help to solve the problems. Gone are the inside jokes for the parents but perhaps it's because the designers have addressed the complaints that games was too difficult for young children. Now we need a Pajama Sam for adults. The game plays directly from the CD ROM bypassing any installation problems.

Genevieve 4/00

  • Pajama Sam 3 - You Are What You Eat From You Head to Your Feet.
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  • Windows 95/98 Mac System 7.5.3
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