Pocket Racers - Review

Pocket Racers
Ages: Everyone

I remember the Matchbox cars and how we wished we could be de-minimilized so that we could get inside and race them. Over the years this nostalgia has prompted a couple of mini-car racing games. The games vantage point of one-who-shrunk gives a startling new view of old habitats. Pocket Racer's tracks are a disappointment. Not only do many of them look similar, with few clues available as to where you are, the "track" is difficult to follow. It's basically a racing game with the poor controls of the PSP. The story which drives the game is just plain ugly. You must win races for the soul of your friends and if you lose, your friends are eliminated one by one until it's your soul. Just in time for the Holiday season! If you want a mini-car racer, you are better off with MicroMachines V4 by Codemasters.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

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  • Platform(s): PlayStation Portable
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