Pokemon  - Box

Ages 6-11

You've heard it before, "Gotta catch 'em all". Well now it's "Gotta learn 'em all". The packaging is great and the concept will satisfy parents who have been a little turned off by the card collections. These cut down CD ROMs are the same size as the Pokemon trading cards, come in their own plastic sleeves, and each one features a different Pokemon. The learning part consists mainly of math problems which range from grades 1 to 5. Activities consist of turning over tiles to find correct answers, word problems in both math and reading comprehension and a sanctuary where you can look for your Pokemon in it's natural habitat. A little knowledge about Pokemons will help. Up to three can compete to see who answers the most questions correctly. The producers claim a database of 200 questions so there should be sufficient replay/learning activity. Up to ten disks will be available by Christmas - need I say more.

Editor Review 10/00

  • Pokemon
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