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The Powerpuff Girls -- Relish Rampage
Ages: Everyone -- younger

Talk about being topical. The theme of this game is about elections. Mojo Jojo has devised devious ways to steal the election and become Mayor of Townsville. His first step is in the invasion of alien pickles. Now don't expect the PPG to be helping you learn you sums or to work on spelling with you. This is a PS2 game, not a PC one and the girls have a different agenda.

They do a lot of flying around. They do a lot of fighting using their many special attacks. They use their skills to save people, to defeat the pickles and finally to restore the election to the fair and honest process it should be. This first PS2 title has over 30 missions. It is your "heroic" abilities, not your math abilities that are being tested. The change makes for a better game -- I like it. Unless learning is well done -- the kids might as well have fun and Relish Rampage.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/04

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