President Dad #2 - Box

President Dad #2
Ages: Youth 10+

"How'd you like to be a kinda klutzy teenaged girl without a mom, whose father just became the President of Korea? And to have a scheming aunt trying to sabotage you? At least Ami Won has the mysterious protector Fahrenheit looking out for her ... although whether he can help her with her homework is questionable. This teen-angst-laden coming-of-age Cinderella story is by manwha artist Ju-Yeon Rhim"

Number 2 "It's time to inaugurate President Dad and the position of First Lady is up for grabs. Most people consider Ami to be the First Lady, since her mother died, but Ami's aunt, Bi-Na, wants the job for herself! Aunt Bi-Na will do whatever it takes to stop Ami's ascension, including ruining Ami's life in the process"

Reviewed by: Tokyo Pop - 06/05

  • President Dad #2
  • Author: Rhim Ju-Yeon
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