Prince of Persia - 3 - Review

Prince of Persia - 3
Ages: Teen

The last time I encountered the Prince, he was in his dark phase and crafting his killing style - remember the Daggertail? Well, he's still handsome and marvelously muscled but much mellower.

Wandering through a sandstorm, he loses his gold but comes upon a new adventure. This time with Elika, a women that will repeatedly save him and win his heart. Just my style and the change will please many female players.

The Prince's upgraded skills makes all the leaps and wall and ceiling walking that has your brain saying that this is impossible - possible. And Elika is there to save him when he oversteps, falls or is about to be killed by one of the Corrupted. Eventually, when you gain more powers by collecting glowing light seeds, you can fly from portal to portal, and make even more extreme jumps and wall walks which brings a new feel to the game.

The game is deep with many lands to visit and to cleanse, and the use of the map permits teleporting from one place to another, which relieves the constant navigational challenges of the many lands - there are about 24 sites to visit. There are no flat places to wander about - everything's broken, leaving only ledges and platforms to navigate. Meanwhile the God of Darkness' presence is always threatening with dangerous black goop overtaking the lands. Still the lands and graphics are gorgeous - one day a walkthrough of them would be nice.

There is lots of dialogue - as the Prince and Elika start out wary of each other and eventually trust and establish a relationship. Me - I love it. Will do battles for a relationship. Thank you Ubisoft for taking a chance.

Fun Factor: Woo Woo
Female Factor: Elika - without her no game
Player Friendly: Good manual and prompts are available throughout the game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

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