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The Proud Family
Ages: Everyone

The family is nice and Penny Proud is a wholesome and appealing character. Interesting that this feeing comes across from the game. There are very few games these days that engender this feeling and I say, Hooray for Buena Vista Games.

There are many little touches such as a notice on the box that "Basic reading ability is needed to fully enjoy this game". The parents like each other and are about to celebrate their anniversary. Penny wants to buy her parents an anniversary present and takes on several jobs to earn the money, there seems to be a community and nobody is being mean to each other.

Each job brings her closer to buying all the pieces for a T.H.A.N.G. Total Home Automated Necessary Gizmo. The jobs are the game -- creating snacks, making pizza, waitressing, filling in for a DJ, picking up trash, and retrieving basketballs among some. Each minigame involves numerous parts and require attention to get maximum points.

In checking the PR release I found out that the NAACP nominated the TV show for an Image Award. The release goes on to describe the family. Penny, a 14-year old African American girl struggles to show her parents that she's no longer the child they think she is. Her daddy won't let her date, her momma won't let her dress up -- at least her grandma, Suga Mama, understands her. I'll bet they wouldn't let her dress up as a Bratz

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/05

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