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Pryzm Chapter 1 The Dark Unicorn
Ages: Teen

Pryzm, the enchanted unicorn, and her rider Karrock have been chosen to bring health back to the five magical lands by cleansing the plague flowers, and restoring the mutated inhabitants with magic energy projectiles and spells. From their home land of Unicorn Valley they venture to Gnome Hills, Troll Mountain, Nymph Marshes and Elven Woods before they meet the Dark Unicorn in final battle.

The spells and projectiles look like fireworks pink clusters, blue rings, falling snowflakes. Even the evil flowers give off a red glow. At the beginning, there is a training routine to familiarize the player with the moves, and the unicorn is easy enough to manipulate. Pryzm, unfortunately can't fly, but she can hover.

The lands are almost uniformly gray of course they are cursed. However, as they are restored, it would have been nicer had the color returned in a more spectacular fashion. Although the concept for this game will appeal to girls unicorn, healing and restoring lands and colorful magic projectiles, this is basically a shooter and we all know that girls need more than shooting to keep them interested.

Editor Review 8/02

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