Putt–Putt Saves the Day - Review

Putt–Putt Saves the Day
Ages: 3 - 8

Good for you - Humongous has taken to releasing some of their finest children's games. Originally done ten years ago, they have yet to be topped in their humor, gentleness and wise understanding of children.

The unique thing about these games is that there is much to do. Everything in this colorful Zoo world is clickable and produces surprising animations and sounds – flowers that sing, squiggly things that burp, gum machines that turn into fishbowls. The music is original with a hilarious song by the topiary animals welcoming you to the zoo.

In the story, the Zoo opening is in danger because baby animals have gone missing. Putt–Putt, the jolly car, has offered to help find the babies - seal, giraffe, lion cub, seal, hippo and snake. He will have to investigate Jungleland, Grassland and Iceland, pick up objects lying around for future use, and traverse back and forth before he rescues the animals. For the education minded there are animated speakers that provide interesting information about the species.

Pointing and clicking on the large direction arrow speeds Putt-Putt along the way. The age range is from 3 – 8 but unless you expect to have the young one on your lap, I would suggest 5. Not because the mouse management is difficult but because the memory of where things are and how to get back to them is better suited to the older child.

Putt–Putt with the googlie eyes and broad smiles predates Lightning McQueen by at least ten years. Hopefully there will be more re-releases from the golden days of kid's games. All of the Homongous re-releases can only be purchased at Target stores.

Fun Factor: Yew and Yes again

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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