PuzzleChallenge: Crossswords and More - Review

PuzzleChallenge: Crossswords and More
Ages: Everyone

Bet you never realized how many steps it takes to do a crossword puzzle. First you pick a spot, then you read the clue, then you go back and put each letter of the word into that space. You never even think of the process when you are doing it in real time, but the stepwise procedure becomes apparent when you play it on your PSP.

This doesn't mean that it's not fun, and it's really nice to have endless word games in your pocket. Besides Easy and Challenging there are three other styles of word clues for crossword solutions:

  • Cryptic -- a clue made up of several parts,
  • Anagrams -- phrases in which the answer is hidden by rearranging the letters,
  • Hidden Words where the word is hidden in a clue.
  • Those are just for the crossword part. There is
  • Codebreaker -- where you match numbers to letters,
  • Wordsearches -- it's like in grade school where you crossed out words,
    and then there is
  • KrissKross -- where you fit words into a grid.
    There are two that sound unusual;
  • Number Jig -- placing numbers into a grid, and
  • Backwords where you place the black squares that separate the words on a crossword grid.

    They claim over 1,000 crossword puzzles and 200 hours of play and I do believe them. The games are clearly displayed on the screen with the crossword grids on the right and the clues and letters/numbers on the left. There is music -- which I prefer to leave off. And a new thing that is happening on the PSP -- you can play with a friend via wireless using just one disk.

    Since this can be a great gift for your Old Mom, remember to give her a little time to learn the navigation -- unless she is already PSP savvy. The PSP is partially responsible for the success of this game. It's so sweet to hold it and play.

    Reviewed by: Editor - 06/06

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