Rabbids Go Home  - Review

Rabbids Go Home
Ages: Everyone 10+

Should a game that promotes nakedness, engages in cruelty to animals, and demeans the basic foundation of our society - exist? Could it be fun? Yes and Yes. The Rabbids are back again, with their own adventure, and just in time to relieve the season's stress. It's silly, fun.

The Rabbids have decided to go home - and for some reason they believe they came from the moon. Their solution, being scientifically challenged, is to gather enough stuff to make a mound that will reach the moon - sort of a vertical Katamari.

Equipped with a shopping cart, a Rabbid fore and aft, they proceed to collect everything in sight as they roll through warehouses, cities, offices, supermarkets, airports. They whip the clothes off people sending them scrambling to the tops of file cabinets and lampposts and fight off attacking dogs and add them to their carts. At various points, they deposit the contents of their teetering load into what looks like a tuba.

All the while a solicitous voice is cajoling shoppers to buy. It is clever and outrageous accompaniment to the Rabbids shopping spree. Par for each level is 1000 and many items count for just one point, which fuels the drive to collect. At level end all the items are flushed down a toilet, through a sewer and finally to the growing mound. Hazards are minimal at first - dogs and spiky cactus but get a bit more challenging when the Verminator troops arrive. Oh yes - if the rabbids aren't funny enough for you - there is a Character Creator to make the rediculous look even more rediculous!

I was thinking of having them do my Christmas shopping.

Fun Factor: yes, yes, yes
Female Factor: Who can tell with Rabbits
Player Friendly: Junk can be saved within levels so you don't lose it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

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