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That;'s So Raven
Ages: Everyone

The exuberant unquenchable, psychically gifted high school student Raven has her own GBA game, That's So Raven. The four episodes all take place in school with her old friends. You can probably guess the content of the episodes since they are taken from the show -- Run Raven Run, AV Cart Crash, Eddie or Not and Chicken Charge.

The action involves dodging, running, swinging her purse, spraying choking perfume, and spilling action stopping water to foil her antagonists. At the same time she must find objects and return them to her friends and collect refills for her perfume spray and water bottle. The on-screen image looks like Raven and moves like Raven - even tapping her foot when you take too long to move into action. There are some mini-games and animated movies to spice up the game and Raven does get the eye premonition thing. With all this it should be great but the four episodes are too similar in action and location and soon the lameness becomes annoying. They did not do right by Raven. This fun character is caught in a dull game. Maybe they'll do right by her next time.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/04

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