Reaxxion (PC)  - Review

Reaxxion (PC)
Ages: Everyone

You are basically playing pinball in space, sliding back and forth on the bottom with a mouse-like paddle that is curved so you can direct the ball and put English on it.

Besides clearing the screen of lights you want to get your ball into one of the tube-like chambers to generate special power balls that explode and take everything out, fire balls, gold balls that multiply your score. Occasionally black-light turns on to reveal Secret Spheres so you can up your score. Scoring feels important here - there are scores and scores all circling around inside clear rectangles your own personal leaderboard.

The background is an effective deep blue vertigo inspiring depth. You can edit levels to your heart's content and even download some. All this is done in a dreamy slow motion and to Eno-type music with hypnotic ball thumping sounds - not unlike slow-pong on acid - but don't be fooled - I guarantee you a stiff shoulder when you wake up in the morning.

Fun Factor: Hypnotically engaging
Player Friendly: For manual see

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